Questions asked when booking your matric farewell car

A Matric farewell is South Africa’s version of the American Prom dance. You can call it a scholar’s coming out to adulthood, most probably the most important day in any matriculate’s year – besides actually passing your exams!

So, the date is organized, the dress made or the suit rented -all sorted.....

Next question: How do we get there?

You have to do it in style, right? How about a plane or a helicopter? – Now that would really be cool! But it will most probably not be practical or allowed anyway. Let’s face it: you will most probably arrive in some kind of wheeled transport.

Dad’s Car? – Well, if it is a nice car, why not. Or if you know somebody with a nice car that is willing to take you to the dance for free – lucky you! But if you don’t you probably have to hire one.

Here are some tips about hiring the ultimate ride to make you the belle of the ball (or the Knight on his “white horse“for that matter )

Question 1: When should i book the transport for my Matric Dance?  

As soon as possible .3 to 6 months before your Matric dance. You must keep in mind that most Matric farewell’s is held in the 3 quarter of the year ( August and September ) and most limousines ,classic cars or fancy cars gets booked out very quickly. Wait too long and you might end up going in mom’s taxi or even taking your date for a nice long walk!

Question 2: What type of vehicle should I book for my Matric Dance?

Most Matric Farewell’s has a theme, but a limousine, classic car sports car or a luxury sedan is normally a good choice.

The best is always to use a car with a chauffeur to take you to the dance as you and your date has to get out at the venue and the car has to be moved out of the way anyway.

The first thing is to find out how many of you will be traveling together. You can save money by renting a 6, 8 or even a 16 seater limousine and share the costs. Most big American classic cars can take 4 passengers easily as well. If it is only you and your date that will be traveling together, any car with a back seat will do.

Take note that a 2 seater is mostly for show if it is chauffeured. (Unless you go to the dance on your own!) . As somebody is going to sit on the “boot” of the car, you will most probably only be travelling in it from the gate of the venue to the end of the row of cars.

Question 3: For how long do I need to hire a vehicle?

Most people, when trying to hire a vehicle for a Matric dance unknowingly say that they only need a car for about 20 minutes as the venue is ONLY 10 KM FROM THEIR HOUSE, but from experience we at SAClassics Event Car hire would suggest the following

  • Pick up at your house plus taking photo’s
    • 40 Minutes
  • Pick up of your date plus Taking photo’s
    • 40 Minutes
  • Travel to the Event (up to 20 Km’s)
    • 20 Minutes
  • Waiting in the queue of cars to drop you off
    • 20 Minutes
    • 2 Hours

If vehicle needs to travel longer than 20 km to get to the venue ( or there is a lot of traffic on the way to the venue ) the minimum time to hire the vehicle will be 3 hours

If you need the vehicle to wait for you at a before party the minimum hire time will be  3 hrs

Question 4: How to get a quote on a vehicle on this website

Click on “Our Vehicles “on the menu bar

Next to every vehicle is a button “ get a quote “ – click on that if you world like a quote on a specific vehicle you are interested in. A quotation will be sent to you once you provide us with the required information.

NB: make sure the vehicle you are interested in is located in the same province your event is held.

If you need help with a quotation, please go to “Contact us “or give us a call.

Question 5: How to book a vehicle on this website for my Matric Ball.

On the quotation you received will be the price charged for your event for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 hrs.

Please reply to this email if you want to book the vehicle for your Matric Ball - stating the amount of hours you want to hire the vehicle for.

We will send you an invoice and once you pay the deposit stated on that invoice, the vehicle will be secured for your event. The final payment for the vehicle must be made 7 days before your event starts.

More notes on booking a vehicle from SA CLASSICS

  • The quotation sent to you is only valid for 7 days where after it will expire and you will have to request a new quotation from our website.
  • Please reply to the quotation as soon as you made your decision to avoid disappointment if you really would like to book this vehicle. Keep in mind that the first customer to be invoiced and pay a deposit is the one that books the vehicle.

Question 6: How do i get back from the Matric Farewell?

  • Ask the Car hire company to
    • Organize transport for you
    • Organise a shuttle service to drop you off
    • Organise a bus to take a few of you home at the same time
    • Get your parents to pick you up
    • Get somebody to leave a vehicle for you at the event.

More Tips on booking a vehicle for your Matric Ball

  • Make sure about the weather when planning to use a open top / convertible vehicle
  • Take as many photos with your choice of transport before the event as possible – remember, by the time you get to the event it will normally be dark.


  • Always insist to view the vehicle first If you decide to book a vehicle advertised for hire on a site like GUMTREE, OLX, etc. Although there is a lot of honest people that advertise their vehicles on these websites, there has been a few instances where the cars advertised for events was a scam and you could end up paying a deposit and no car will show up for your Matric Ball.
  • Remember: Anybody can take a picture of a vehicle next to the road , get a “fake “ free g-mail address and a prepaid cell phone number  and post it to one of those websites ,take your money and disappear.
  • For your own safety it is always best to hire a vehicle from a dedicated car hire company that owns their own website that  shows their landline number , a physical address and other contact details where you can get hold of them.